Puppy Brush


This Puppy Brush is the perfect introduction to grooming for your puppy. Delivering the gentlest of brush strokes with soft-flex teeth that glide through the fur, the innovative two-tiered teeth detangle, brush away skin flakes and encourage oil glands to develop without brush burns or irritation.

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Breed & Brush Guide

If you’re wondering what the best PET TEEZER is for your dog, the easiest way is thinking about your dog’s hair type. It’s not too dissimilar to the way we think about our own hair – is your dog’s hair fine, thick, curly, wavy or short?

Find out which brush is best for your pet.

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Puppy Grooming Tips

  • Playful puppies should be introduced to grooming as soon as possible.
  • Regular brushing not only keeps their coats knot free and hygienic, but also builds discipline and bonding.
  • A puppy’s coat constantly changes up to around 9 months old, making grooming essential.
  • Grooming has never been easier or safer for your pup that the whole family can enjoy.

Pet Teezer, designed and made in Great Britain