PET TEEZER was born out of the love for our detangling hairbrush, Tangle Teezer. Launched in 2007, it soon became

a must-have as a hairbrush that effortlessly detangled with no pulling or tugging. Hair was left looking and feeling

beautiful with a healthy shine. Today, we’re a global hairbrush brand that has won numerous awards and followers.

We like to say, we don’t sell hairbrushes, we sell fabulous hair.


We know nobody adores your dog as much as you do – they really are part of the family! Since we launched our

world-famous Tangle Teezer hairbrush, pet lovers have pleaded with us to create a Tangle Teezer grooming brush

especially for use on their pooches.

Here at TTHQ, there wasn’t a day that went by when we weren’t sent or tagged into a picture or a video of a super

happy dog enjoying being brushed with your Tangle Teezer. We had to sit up and take notice. A three year passion

project ensued of research and testing. The result ? PET TEEZER - a grooming brush that dogs roll over and beg for!

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We learnt how important it is that your dog’s coat looks and feels its best, so we created two brushes – one for de-

tangling and de-matting and the other for de-shedding. Just one warning, don’t be tempted to brush your own hair,

please stick to using just on your pet!

Pet Teezer, designed and made in Great Britain